Here’s a guide on how to create a new post on WordPress CMS and make it SEO-friendly:

Log into your WordPress dashboard and click “Posts” in the left-hand menu.

Click on “Add New” to create a new post.

Enter a title for your post in the “Enter title here” field.

Could you write your post content in the editor?

Add appropriate headings (H2, H3, etc.) to structure your content and make it easier to read.

Please include relevant keywords throughout the post, but don’t use them.

Add images or other media to your post, and optimize them for the web by reducing their file size.

Set a featured image for your post in the “Post Settings” section on the right-hand side.

Use the “Yoast SEO” plugin to analyze your post’s content and make any necessary changes for better search engine optimization.

Please look over your post to make sure everything looks good.

When ready, click “Publish” to make your post live on your site.

Note: these steps may vary slightly depending on the specific version of WordPress you’re using.

By following these steps, you can create a new post on WordPress that is engaging and optimized for search engines.

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