Software Development

Your Requirement and Our Technical Input Make a Product that Turns Out Commercially Viable and Professionally Efficient.

The Software Development Life Cycle Assures a Swift Delivery of Software

SDLC or software development life cycle puts both budget and timeline into a frame while keeping the clients’ requirements in mind. This lets the developers schedule their parts, organize the scales of work, and apply a set of instructions in the form of coding while adhering to the technical guideline developed by one and only nfly it.

The Software Development Life Cycle Assures a Swift Delivery of Software

Our impeccable mindsets determine the necessity of the software that meets both the client’s needs and our challenge to reduce the working pressure. Hence, we develop the software combined with a series of instructions and myriad mixing of programming languages, precisely coding.

What do our Experts of "Nfly It" do?

Our experts don’t jump into your site for renovating it or creating a new one without knowing your in-depth preference. If you have a site that possesses latency and is too frail to respond to your command, our experts first do the quality checking using the top-graded tools, ascertaining the fault and setbacks. This, in turn, helps our developers hone in on projecting the map of how to improve your site better. In fact, our developers do the following;

Extensive Market Research:

We don’t waste time developing software that has no market value. To determine the product’s viability, we carry out extensive research to see if the software we are yet to create will solve the current problems in the industry. We also perform the risk-to-cost analysis to evaluate its long-term costing, profit margin, and longevity.

Requirement Evaluation:

In this stage, our board of directors, stakeholders, and other associated members put their consensus if the agreed software model meets the technical specification and the users’ requirements. This phase generalizes the individual developers’ role, the project’s scalability, parameters used to measure the quality of work, etc.


In this critical phase, the software developers from Nfly IT decide how they can swiftly create a sustainable framework for the workflow. Here, we make the technical and design specification documents to specify the front-end & back-end representation, designing layer, communication process, etc. Any flaws are resolved here at this stage.

Development & Implementation:

This phase represents the code writing of the software programmers based on the guideline prepared in the previous stage, allowing the coders to set their coding skills and methodology from front-end development to back-end. Here, the coders can check each other’s code to see if there is anything to amend before it is deployed.


At Nfly It, testing the software once developed is mandatory, and it is the quality testing that we put great emphasis on. Once done, our testers carry out exploratory testing to cross-check if there are any bugs in the software before heading to our clients. If there is a flaw in the development, we fix the bugs and repeat the process again.

Maintenance & Support:

After the software is delivered or purchased, our dedicated support team provides you support whenever there is any issue or defect in the software. Once your ticket is raised, we jump to solve your problem unless it is fixed.

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